WHY is baseball AUSTRALIA creating a women's league?

Our goal is to create a pathway for our elite women baseballers by creating a sustainable domestic league with international reach. This will be a platform to showcase the world's best talent to young Australian women and encourage junior girls’ participation within Australia.

Why does BA need external donations?

Under current Sport Australia guidelines, high-performance funding for elite teams and programs is explicitly earmarked for male high-performance outcomes ONLY. Our goal is to create a sustainable league driven by a vested interest in the growth of women's baseball. Utilising a broad, community driven fundraising campaign not only provides much-needed capital but demonstrates the public desire for the creation of a women's league.


Much like the successful “soft launch” of the ABL in 2009, we are working towards a pilot program and trial of the league in 2019/20 with the full launch in 2020/21.  Existing ABL teams have been asked to submit proposals in order to secure one of the initial licenses.


In most cases, existing ABL venues will be utilised. For this reason, much of the donation capital will be directed to ensure venues meet the needs of elite female athletes. Regional venues and potential expansion cities will also be targeted.


This is undergoing a development and consultation phase, however a multi-city, home-and-away format played in summer will underpin the league’s format. Existing ABL clubs have been asked to provide expressions of interest, and a tender process will decide the inaugural competing teams.

WHAT athletes will play and will there be international players?

Announcements will be made in the lead up to the launch, however the targeted athletes will be nationally identified players from the Australian Women’s National Team (Emeralds), emerging national athletes and multi-sport athletes with previous exposure to diamond sports. All teams will be encouraged to sign international players, leveraging the known depth of talent from the world’s best countries including Japan, USA, Canada, Taiwan, Korea and Cuba.

WHERE/how will my donation be invested?

Once our target is reached, a detailed list of options will be created. The primary focus on initial funding will go towards:

  1. Capital improvements and compliance of all venues to suit elite female athletes (e.g. changerooms and broader player health and safety initiatives)

  2. Coaching resources and HP infrastructure targeted at the specific development and needs of female players. (e.g. technology and testing equipment dedicated for the Women’s ABL)

  3. Support staff and player welfare Initiatives will help develop and protect players, while educating coaches, technical officials and support staff. These initiatives will be important in order to develop a sustainable league.

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